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Altius Poles has been supplying high performance vaulting poles since 1990. Our poles are made of high grade materials for light weight and powerful performance - perfect for beginners and elite athletes alike. Altius Poles Online sells fiberglass and carbon vaulting poles, pits, runways, and more.

Altius constructs high quality poles with the most reasonable prices in the industry. Altius Poles Online has nearly every possible pole in stock, but we can also special order special poles directly from the manufacturer.

Altius Poles Online can ship poles to your location at a reasonable price.

Altius Poles Advantage

The primary advantages of using carbon fiber poles are their lighter carry weight, more dynamic elastic modality and smaller diameter. Everything else is secondary and a topic for discussions. A lighter pole allows for the athlete to achieve more speed in the run up without higher energy exertion. The lighter pole carry weight allows the athlete to more easily accelerate while maintaining their own center of balance (instead of being pulled forward or off balance by a heavy carry weight pole). The smaller diameter of the Altius Carbon fiber poles also increases the confidence of the vaulter and ensures a better grip, especially on stiffer and longer poles.

Altius poles are offered in five different styles:

  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon Elite Poles
  • Carbon Extreme Poles
  • Carbon Adrenaline Hybrid
  • Training Poles - made for training purposes only.

At Altius, all poles are made of high quality materials to produce light-weight durable and dependable poles. All Altius poles are marked for an exact pre-bend, and when used correctly, will never twist in your hand. We work with coaches and athletes to insure all Altius Poles optimally match the bend profile for the athlete's vault style.

Material Specialist

Altius poles are designed and manufactured by experienced professional who understand the importance of using only the highest quality materials available in the industry to build the lightest and most responsive vaulting poles available.


Altius has over 28 years of experience working with fiberglass and carbon fiber vaulting poles. At Altius, we work hand-in-hand with beginner, intermediate, and elite athletes to design and manufacture a series of poles that best match their technique.

Our classic Altius Fiberglass Poles are very durable, forgiving, have an even bend throughout the pole, and allow for easier transition and penetration into the pit.

Altius Extreme Poles have a long history of excellence and are a lighter yet still as durable as fiberglass, and are a more responsive pole option with a slightly higher bend.

Altius Elite Poles are among the lightest in the industry, very responsive, have a higher and longer sail piece to insure a consistent bend for a more dynamic return.

Altius Training Poles are comparable to our Altius Fiberglass Poles but with twice the glass. They are designed to meet the needs of the training athlete who is trying to perfect their timing and interactions with the pole while building their skill and confidence level in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Altius Carbon Adrenaline Hybrid Poles are the newest in the Altius pole line and are designed to meet the needs of a specific group of vaulters who want a pole with a faster return.

Altius poles stands by all its products and manufacturing process.