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Top Secret Stuff Rarely Shared

Posted by Joran on Sep 22, 2019 at 6:40 PM

Thanks to Bruce Caldwell for the following information.

Each pole has what we call a load factor, this is the maximum load the pole can survive.  This number can also be misunderstood if one does not understand the mechanics of the pole vault.  A load factor can measure the whole pole but is totally determined on the pattern makeup and design. The best energy saver and energy return is a pole that is smooth and timed to the vaulter. This is done by years of experience in pole vaulting and pole making to know what balance of Sail design and placement to body wrap and Hoop wrap is required. 


Pole Test - Old Altius Vaulting Pole

Posted by Joran on Sep 21, 2019 at 10:13 PM

Kris Allison (Lone Star Pole Vault) tests the poles in his training facility as often as necessary to insure they are safe to use. In the video, he is testing a very old 1990 Altius vaulting pole that had several deep gouges where an athlete's spikes had damaged it during a vault attempt. He expected the pole would fail the stress test so he ran it through the traditional stress test done on all Altius poles during the manufacturing process.  To his amazement, it passed with flying colors despite having several nicks and scratches. "Tough Poles!"


Jenn Suhr Adrenaline Pole - Hybrid

Posted by David Brannan on Jan 8, 2018 at 1:16 PM

Jenn Suhr is delaying retirement in order to give the new Altius Hybrid pole a whirl. She opened her season by jumping 4.81 ( 15’10”) on her first attempt!  Her husband, Rick Surn said, "Jenn is in crazy great shape and just PR ‘d on short run. By the way that is an indoor world record for her age!"

Jenn Suhr has been working with Altius engineers developing a new type of hybrid pole, called the "Suhr Adrenaline Pole".  The pole was recently used by Erica Ellis who set the High School Junior Record 14’1.5” in early Janurary, who is coached by Rick and Jenn Suhr. The jump by Erica Ellis matches the best jump by a college athlete thus far this year.

The following interview goes into detail about the new Altius Suhr Adrenaline Pole.